STD testing day

Hello @everyone,

on Wednesday the 11th the Queer Referat of the AStA has organized a STD testing day in cooperation with the Ministery of Health.
You will be able to get tested for free and completely anonymously from 12 to 16 o’clock at the Aula building (A3.3) on campus. You do not need an appointment just show up to the side entrance of the building and get your consult and test.

STDs like HIV are still a very stigmatized problem and we as the AK Queer want to offer everyone the safe and anonymous opportunity to help fight against the spread of these diseases. It can take years for symptoms to show which
is not only too late for you but also too late for the partners you had in those years. Even if you think you cannot have a STD it is still possible to contract them over other bodily fluids so better safe than sorry.

If you have any questions or know a major discord server/group chat where we could post this annoucement too you can DM me (Naya) at ShardsOfTheGoddess#6503

Stay safe and have a good first in person week

Your AK Queer representatives